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Featured Yard Gard Products

Yard Gard is the premier all-natural outdoor pest control product on the market working to deter many pests including moles, deer, rats, and more.

Rat Dust Mole Repellent Armadillo Repellent Deer and Rabbit Repellent

PROTECTS AGAINST rats for weeks with just one application by sprinkling into attics, crawl spaces and infested areas to create a NO RAT ZONE.

PROTECTS AGAINST moles by creating a 1 foot barrier that moles won’t tunnel through.

PROTECTS AGAINST armadillos by creating a 6 inch barrier that armadillos won’t burrow down through.

PROTECTS AGAINST deer and rabbits with an innovative time-release formula that creates a 10-foot perimeter around the plants to be protected.

& Proven Solutions

Our test data and blind studies shown here have proven Yard Gard’s success and our competitors ineffectiveness. We don’t hope Yard Gard works, we have proven it!

100% Safe

All natural 100% organic and safe for children, pets, and the animals it deters.

Long Lasting
& Easy To Apply

Our patented time-release formula allows for long-lasting protection of your home, lawns, and gardens. Easily applied using our handheld shaker containers, hand spreader, or push spreader.


“I have tried EVERY mole deterrent in every book, newspaper article, on the shelves in DIY stores, nurseries and friendly advice with nothing working till Yard Gard came to me through a University suggestion. THANKS!”


in California

“I am one of your most CONVINCED customers. I first tried Yard Gard last fall (2010) I got great results!! It was easy to apply and the armadillo that was giving my yard HELL every night stopped coming by! I ordered more - probably have ordered 40 pounds about 4 times now. Thanks for your product and thanks for your customer service! I have been telling my neighbors and coworkers about your company and Yard Gard! Please keep me posted on your mole product too.” - Frank in Florida


in Florida

“Rats are becoming an ever-growing problem for businesses and residents; rats and mice are constantly invading our homes and businesses; I have been in a continuous battle with rats in my business building. I tried many different products that I found on the market, from trapping them, to killing them. When we killed them, we paid the price of the dead-rat-smell in our building, nothing worked to my satisfaction. And then, I tried yard Gard’s Rat Dust. No more rats in my warehouse, I love it.”


in Florida

Proudly made in North America

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