Stop Bed Bugs with 1st Defence Bug Coasters

Bed bugs can devastate a business. How can 1st Defence Bug Coasters help?

When a customer walks in to rent a room, be it an apartment complex with rentals, or a hotel, the last thing you want is for that person to see a bug. Because they're going to walk right out when they see that bug. And they're going to give you a bad review and say, "Hey, this place has bedbugs." And even if it doesn't have a bed bug it or an insect, people that know what those are going to say, "Hey, this place has bedbug traps in there that are open dish. It must have bedbugs." That's the reason why our coasters to look like a furniture coaster to protect the floor but was actually a trap as well. So people wouldn't know when they walk in.

Eventually, people will know it, it will be a universal brand. But they'll understand that it's a precautionary device to keep the spread bedbugs from happening.

1st Defence Bug Coasters cannot stop an infestation. If an infestation is in a room, it needs to be treated by a proper pest control company or a technician.

You do need a professional service. And there's a lot of good services out there. I would suggest getting a hold of Target Specialty Products. Find out who their reps in that area are, and they will be able to point you to the proper people that they know that are well trained in those areas.

Target can also supply coasters to different companies. People who want to order them can order them. And then they can give them their advice on what proper pest control companies should be using. There are several companies out there that I can recommend that are very good. And then you have the cowboy companies out there that just come in, sit down and watch T.V., and do a couple of sprays. They don't do a proper job. So, you really want to find reputable companies. Check the company’s background and their credentials to make sure they're doing proper jobs. You don't want to end up with some cowboy going out there trying to say, "Hey, I'm a pest control technician," charging a lot of money and not getting the job done. A proper pest control company should be able to walk in and do their job, and you shouldn't have two or three visits. If you're ending up with two or three visits, you definitely have got the wrong company.

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What should someone expect treatment to look like? How much can someone expect to spend to treat an infestation?

Our coasters are very, very inexpensive, but they're the most durable on the market at this time, and will remain to be, as far as I won't produce anything that's junk. So when it really comes down to the coasters we use, there are several bed bug treatments people can use. They can use a heat treatment, which I actually recommend when you're trying to save your furniture, because pesticides cannot be sprayed on beds or couches. If that's what a pest control company is telling you, that you have to throw your furniture away, people can't afford that. Heat treatment will do the same thing. The one problem with heat treatment is that it will not clean up the dead carcasses of the bugs or get rid of that matter.
But, the bugs will be dead and so will their eggs. I recommend heat treatment and also a spray where possible. Then you can save your furniture as well as treat your facility, or wherever you're at with the proper pest control. If there's no furniture in the building, the people have moved, they've left, they're out there, but there's bedbugs in that building- you don't need heat treatment. You could use a regular pest control company to walk in there and do their spray. That will be more than sufficient if a properly trained technician is doing it, and most technicians are properly trained. But you just want to be aware, check your local area, find out if you've got a bad technician in the area and you're getting bad reviews. I would probably say look for a technician that's got good reviews in the area. Or a pest control that has good reviews in the area.

Get somebody that can do a residual spray to kill the bug that might've crawled into the walls where the heat may not have penetrated.

Are there any DIY treatments that actually work?

There is are DIY treatments you can do yourself, but I really recommend that you get a professional. But let's say you have a full house full of furniture- you’re going to need to get the proper heaters. I do not recommend ever using heaters that use gas or propane, just for the simple reason is that there's a flame involved and you don't want to burn your place down. But there are heat treatment units that you can buy online that will heat up a room at a time. I don't particularly care for these, for the simple reason is you really need to treat the whole house at once. So I would suggest that every time, find a proper pest control company for the type of treatment that you would want to put on your house.

With pesticides, some people can't be around them. So, if you can't be around them, I'm going to recommend that you at least get heat treatment. And from that point, do a residual spray. Get somebody that can do a residual spray to kill the bug that might've crawled into the walls where the heat may not have penetrated. And so when they come out they'll die.

Diatomaceous earth is another treatment you can buy. However, it's very messy. People say it's harmless, but I personally don't believe diatomaceous earth, because if people breathe it in, it could be harmful to the lungs. I do recommend hiring a professional. Have them come in and you'll save yourself a lot of time and money. And you won't have to throw all your belongings away. Which can cost 10 to 20,000 or more dollars.

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